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It’s been an exceptionally rough few weeks for the Republican Party. Scandal after scandal has overshadowed many of Trump and his team’s objectives since he entered the White House. One campaign promise Trump is fighting to keep is his pledge to repeal and replace Obama Care. Constituents across the country are speaking out about how the proposed changes will affect them and their families. For those representatives who have demonstrated support for the bill, being approached on the issue is a constant occurrence.

On Wednesday, Montana GOP Candidate Greg Gianforte was involved in an altercation with Ben Jacobs, a reporter for The Guardian. As a result, the candidate was cited for misdemeanor assault. The incident allegedly began when Jacobs attempted to question the candidate about his response to a newly released report on the GOP health care bill. According to witnesses Jacobs approached Gianforte with a microphone. Gianforte indicated he would get back to Jacobs. Upon further insistence from Jacobs, Gianforte directed the reporter to his press agent. That’s when witnesses say, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by his neck, slammed him to the ground and began to punch him.

One would imagine that Gianforte has been defending his stance non-stop. A different reporter recounted speaking with him on the issue of health care at a separate time and having no problem. Supporters of the candidate will likely say something akin to Gianforte being under stress, having a bad moment, feeling threatened, etc… Though one may also argue that fielding inquiries from the masses, even when they seem a bit hostile, is a part of the job – a job many are now saying Gianforte is clearly not prepared for.

Compare this with a separate incident a few weeks back. New Jersey Republican Representative Tom MacArthur found himself on the receiving end of a scathing address from an impassioned constituent. The speaker was determined to let MacArthur and everyone else in the room hear his story and understand how his family would be adversely affected by the GOP proposed changes to health care. If you haven’t already seen it online, click on the video link in the image above to watch.

MacArthur stood patiently while the man, who admittedly worked in health care, berated the Congressman on the evils of the new bill and Republican Party as a whole. The speech went viral and has continued to circulate online with the man being praised by many as a hero. Meanwhile, MacArthur has continued to defend his stance. There is no doubt that this constituent gave a voice that day to many who are unable to speak. Was it the best way to be heard? Let us know with your vote: