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Do not be afraid of your potential.

This year, I’ve grown in a way that I never thought was imaginable. I was able to push through an incredibly hectic and draining schedule to get to my final month in my final semester. As a disclaimer, “3LOL” (the notion that law students slack off their final year)  does not exist, at least not for me. I pushed myself this year because I knew that below the fear, there was potential housed in hope. So many people told me that I was crazy, that I was doing too much by being the President of one organization, the co-President of another, and a member of a regional board. Despite the naysayers, I completed almost everything that I set out to do, and then some. I wish the same for all you other law students; keep pushing and go beyond your goals.

Take the advice of others. But go with your gut. One of the biggest lessons that I think I’ve learned throughout my law school career is to listen to yourself. Everyone has a different method to accomplishing their goals and everyone does not have the same goals as you. What you want to do is important and how you want to do it grounds you in your authenticity. It is important to listen to different opinions and learn about different approaches when it comes to anything. But when it is a matter of your future, your voice is just as important. Don’t self yourself short or ignore your gut feelings. You may be the person to create the new standard.

If it doesn’t have meaning, let it go. To get through this final year, I’ve let go of bad habits, self doubt, and people who were not committed to supporting me. These next few years can be your time to shine and to grow into who you want to become. I used to be shyer and I questioned my abilities to my own detriment. When I started letting things go, I was able to elevate. No one was holding me down, not even myself. Truly find the things that make you happy because you do not have time for anything less in the stressful vacuum of law school.

I am becoming the woman that I want to be and I couldn’t have done that without the hardships. Everything that Law School will throw at you can be overcome. Remember that. One day you will find yourself in the same position that I’m in right now. Anxious for what the future holds yet grounded in your pride of your accomplishments.

You can.