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You may be nervous and anxious about Law School but the more that you relax the easier it will be adjust. There will be so much information handed to you but, don’t panic because you can do it.


Check out your school’s building! The library is always a great place to study but if you look around your school you may find alternative study spots when you need a change of scenery. Also, explore the area around your school. Find out where all of the restaurants/ pharmacies, and coffee shops are! It will come in handy once school starts.


Go to some of those initial events at school. Hang out with your fellow law school peers. You never know, a study group could come out of it!

Talk to an Upperclassman

They’ve been in your shoes before. They know.

Pinpoint your stress relievers

Whether its going to the gym or meditating in the park. Find a healthy and constructive activity that allows you to relieve some stress. Self – Care increases productivity. Avoid getting burnt out too quickly; it will make learning so much easier.

Talk to your Professors

Law school professors can seem like mythical creatures in their ability to balance teaching and all of their other activities. They are all brilliant and that can be intimidating. But, because they are so brilliant you should utilize them as a resource. Go to their office hours.