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Balance is linked to sanity.

I’ve learned that when it comes to law school, if there is no balance in your life there can never be any true prosperity.

In this last year of school, I’ve taken on several leadership positions. I’m currently the President of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA), the co-President of the Legal Association for Women (LAW), the Job Fair Coordinator for the Northeast Black Law Students Association, the Admissions Chair for the First Generation Professionals, the Public Relations Chair for the Public Interest Coalition, a member of the Moot Court Association, and a contributor here at Newesq.com. I know, it’s a lot. But there is something about giving back to my immediate community that pushes me to try to succeed.

Therein lies the key… passion. What allows me to balance a number of things is the passion that I feel for each project that I take on. I try not to do things that do not have purpose, educate me about my prospective field of copyright law, or help to create new opportunities. You must be conscious about what you’re balancing. Will it be an additive to your life or career? Then it may be something to consider.

Always find what drives you and what pushes you to be a better person and advocate. Taking on projects that do not directly correlate to your field of interest can also help define who you are. I learned a lot about myself while balancing these projects and they allowed me to see several other issues within my prospective field that I may have never picked up on before.

Law school itself is difficult to balance when you factor in a social life, family, and outside employment, if you work while in school. It can be difficult, but know that you can do it. You must pick and choose when and what commitments are most beneficial to pursue. For example, I make lists of everything I need to do and then I categorize that list either by priority or type. Sometimes there will be days when you study so much that you actually stop retaining information after a while and on those days it is sometimes necessary to stop. You will need to know when to give yourself the gift of your favorite tv show, dinner with friends that you haven’t seen because of school, even a long walk, alone.

You must also learn how to say no. Learning how to say no sets boundaries and it helps people in your life know what you can and cannot do as a law school student. You may say yes to a movie one weekend, then say no to drinks the next. The people in your life will, at times, be annoyed with your choice. But, the people who love you will eventually see the benefit in you taking the time to study or rest in a less time consuming manner. It is also important to learn how to say no because sometimes, it’s just better to chose you. Self-love and self-care help to build a more confident and productive person. Do not take that away from yourself! You deserve to feel good about yourself in order to be the best version of you.

Learning to balance can increase performance. In order to maintain your sanity you must do things, even if they are tiny, that you love. For example, I love working out because it clears my head while helping me stay healthy. Thinking about all the things that I have to do can be anxiety provoking. But, finding things to do that clear my head allows me to give my tasks the energy that they require.

Always remember that your work is important, your future is important, and you are most important.