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It’s important to know your industry, and at times reading all of the newsletters that inevitably pile up in our email inboxes becomes more of a burden than a benefit. In looking for alternative ways to get your news quickly and stay updated, we’ve been turning to Twitter. Check out a few of our favorite accounts to follow to get relevant news tailored to your Twitter feed.

1. To get frequent updates from the oldest daily newspaper, stay updated with @thelegalintel.

2. Check out @justiacom for free and accessible information about the legal industry.

3. Practicing business law? We recommend that you follow @Law360. A subscription to the site is required, but your firm might have a subscription for this amazing litigation resource.

4. It’s no secret that being a lawyer is a bit of an art and a science. Follow @lawyerology to join the discussion.

5. Wondering what U.S. firms are doing around the country and the world? Give @AmericanLawyer a follow to read more about the business within the industry.

6. Are you in law school? Looking for some tips on how to succeed? Try following @LawSchoolTools, for posts ranging from daily news to podcast updates.

7. For a large selection of legal career tips check out Twitter, check out @Law_Crossing for news tailored to the industry and firms.

8. How could we not mention @New_ESQ? Give us a follow to get news tailored to an audience ranging from practicing attorneys to pre-law students, written by people like you.

And for a laugh or two check out….

9. Stressed out in law school? Have a laugh with @LawSchoolHumor. You aren’t alone in what you are feeling, and we can guarantee that you’ll relate to some of their tweets.

10. For another dose of humor, try following @lawyerthoughts.